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Nursing Mothers

For nursing to be successful for the new baby, the mother's relaxation is the key.  If a mother can't relax, her "letdown" reflex will be impaired.  Milk production can be diminished if the mother experiences unrelieved stress.  Stress can also interrupt the bonding process, so important between mother and baby.  Fathers even feel the negative impact of the stress of parenting, especially if it is the first child.

Wonderful dynamics are at play here.  Crying baby, exhausted mother, sore nipples, exhausted father, more dirty diapers than you ever imagined.  What can you do for yourself to gain the relief you so badly need?

Jin Shin Jyutsu can provide new mothers a relaxing and natural, drug-free way to deal with the stresses of breast feeding.  It can help the body recover from the stresses of labor and delivery.  It can help to erase fatigue, neck and shoulder pain and help with sleep problems. Techniques to calm a fussy baby are part of the "self-help" tips along with nursing advice on what to do with sore nipples.  

Jin Shin Jyutsu has a "quickie" to help the milk production, and here it is;  Locate a slightly tender spot on the back of your wrist and hold it lightly with your finger tips.  Do this anywhere from 5-20 minutes and can be done while you nurse.  Another tip is to hold your middle finger while you breast feed.  It can help with milk production and helps to balance emotions too.

Minetta's home visits are one of her specialties, and can be of great help to the new mother at any time during her pregnancy, labor or postpartum period.  A home visit during the first few days following delivery can be especially helpful to the new mother, dramatically reducing her fatigue and speeding recovery.  Conventional postpartum Nursing advice  on infant care (based on her 30 years experience) is especially helpful to the new mother and is included with all postpartum visits.  Assistance with breast-feeding problems can also be provided at the time of the home visit along with a relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment.


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