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Back & Neck Pain

Pain in the neck and lower back can usually be attributed to a wide variety of causative factors, most including injury or physical exertion. However, any neck or back pain which lasts longer than two weeks or is associated with numbness or weakness in the extremities (or other apparently unrelated problems) should be immediately evaluated by a qualified physician.

Jin Shin Jyutsu has been shown to be an effective adjunctive therapy when used in conjunction with conventional medical care. For example, for chronic back and neck pain, a quick Jin Shin Jyutsu sequence would be for the practitioner to hold the patient's lower neck area with one hand and place the other hand first on the outer aspect of the ankle and then move to the middle finger, finishing up by holding the little toe.   There are many more in-depth approaches to treating such a complaint.  

Although the practitioner can usually provide some relief after one treatment, the patient usually feels optimum results after several successive treatments.  After each treatment, patients are given simple "self-help" tips and techniques so they can continue recovery on their own.

A simple self-help exercise given to patients would be to place the right hand on the mid to lower left side of the neck and then take the opposite hand and place it first on the coccyx, then go to the back of the left knee, then go to the outer aspect of the left ankle, and finish up at the left little toe.  An even simpler "self-help" tip would be to just hold the index fingers when you feel a backache coming on.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is particularly effective for neck and back pain because so many of its safety energy locks are aligned with points along the spine.


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